Bathing and Hygiene Tips for Seniors

Getting an elder to take a bath can be a challenge. It may take minutes or even hours of convincing them to do it.

While frequency of bath for seniors depends from person to person, and a daily bath may not seem necessary for most seniors, it is recommended to clean the face, hands, underarms and private parts on a daily basis.

Here are some tips to help you get through the activity:

  1. Create a bathing schedule for your elder. Be it twice or thrice a week, it is important that you and your elder have agreed on certain dates on when to do the activity. This would help him to prepare himself emotionally. Getting him involved in the planning would promote cooperation as he would no longer be surprised come bath time.
  2. Ensure that the bathing area is safe and comfortable for your elder. Measure the temperature of the water, if it is too hot or too cold. You may install hand rails to help support your elder or place a mat on the floor to avoid making the floor slippery. You may also want to keep the soap, shampoo and blanket accessible and easy to reach.
  3. Avoid surprises by explaining slowly the steps that you are going to make. For example, saying in a nice tone that you are going to remove his clothes or saying that you are going to pour water on him would help him prepare.
  4. Relax and do not hurry bath time. End the activity well. Since you already have ensured that the towel and change of clothes are within reach, it will be easy for you to avoid your elder getting chilled. No need to hurry or it might cause accidents. Just dry your elderly completely and get him dressed properly.

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