Caregivers: unsung heroes to the elderly and infirm

Advanced age comes with increasingly complex challenges and demands that need to be met. The elderly gets exposed to different illnesses and their need for care and affection increases as time goes by. Caring for the elderly can be challenging yet there are people who step up and take on the roles of caregivers.

When we talk about caregivers, we often think of the paid professionals tasked with taking care of infirm patients, including the elderly. They talk to the health care professionals like doctors and nurses, manage their patient’s medications, and perform daily chores for them. They also prepare meals, bathe or dress their patients, and perform other household tasks that their patients cannot do on their own.

Yet the role of caregivers is not simply confined to these individuals. This is a role that members of the family or carers — children, spouses, and other relatives — assume when they have a relative that needs care. They do not just perform these duties out of routine nor monetary compensation. Most often, they do this as an act of love and sacrifice for someone who once upon a time gave them the love and care that they needed. They give their loved ones a home — a loving place where they can spend the remaining years of their lives with people who love them the most.

Some of these family members work hard to balance the demands of their work with their commitment to loved ones.  Others shell out from their personal finances to ensure a patient’s comfort and welfare. They spend on medicines, special diets, and special needs items like diapers.  If their budgets are flexible enough, they choose to hire extra help.

A number of them even give up their careers so they can devote their time and attention to caring for their loved ones. There are even those who decide to let go of rare opportunities like an advancement in career, while others go so far as putting their marriage plans on hold.

From time to time, their heroic acts come unnoticed. They, the carers, find their energies drained as they spend long hours and sacrifice sleep to watch over their loved ones, keep them comfortable, and ensure their safety.

These family members want to give their elderly loved ones every possible comfort, but they too, can get exhausted. They need continuous encouragement so they can fully take care of the person they are looking after.

A shared challenge for both the elderly loved ones and the carers is the loss of control over bowel movement or urination. Since the elderly tend to have unrestrained bladders and the infirm can hardly perform their toilet routines easily, managing their condition lies on the shoulders of their family members. Some patients who can’t control their urine activity often feel embarrassed to ask for medical help. Because of this, they end up experiencing more inconveniences and discomfort. They also become more prone to other diseases and irritations.

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For loving family members and relatives of their cherished elders, there’s one incalculable reward that makes all their sacrifices and efforts worthwhile and that is seeing for themselves that the person they care for enjoys every possible convenience and comfort.


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